June 11, 2011

Mapagogo is pleased to announce the launch of its community website, Mapagogo.com.  Designed for ease of use and convenience of search, the new website combines best of breed mapping and visualization functions for location-based data, bringing hyper-local search to a whole new level.  Furthermore, the density of location data per square kilometer is unparalleled, when compared to data sets from Yelp, Yellow Pages, and even Google.

“Mapagogo is a community-driven site where users can search, save, share, or even create their own points of interest.”, says James Chang, president of the Markham-based technology firm.  “The best part is that all data created by both users and business can be syndicated by any partner sites using the innovative Mapagogo plug-in.  End are the days where you have to update multiple search directories and listings.  Update on Mapagogo, and it syndicates to the rest of the internet.”

Mr. Chang explains that the current launch of Mapagogo is just the first phase of the mapping site, which has plan to create the ultimate platform for other organizations to display their location-based data in tourism, real estate, and urban planning.